In Pakistan, coordinators of an attack on the consulate of the PRC were detained

Pakistani law enforcement authorities detained two people suspected of involvement in the attack on the consulate of the PRC in the Pakistani city of Karachi, whose victims were four people, Geo TV reported, citing sources.
attack in chinese consulate

During the operation, law enforcement agencies detained two immigrants from the city of Karachi and Shahdadpur. Sources told the channel that one of them was allegedly in contact with the terrorists shortly before the attack began. Now the authorities are interrogating suspects. According to sources of the TV channel, the attack was organized by the commander of the separatist group "Balochistan Liberation Army", which is currently being treated in New Delhi.

On Friday, a group of three attackers made a shooting and blew up a hand grenade near the PRC embassy in Karachi. The consulate guards engaged in an exchange of fire with the attackers. All three attackers were eliminated, and two Pakistani policemen were also killed in the shootout. None of the staff of the consulate general was hurt. According to the Geo TV channel, two people also died who applied to the consulate for visas.
Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the separatist group “Balochistan Liberation Army”.