Florida authorities have ordered to recount in the elections to the Senate

The state secretary of the US state of Florida ordered a recount of votes in the elections to the Senate from this state, according to the decision of the state secretary.

In Florida, outgoing Republican Governor Rick Scott is ahead of the current Democratic senator Bill Nelson with 50.1% of the vote, against 49.9%.
The laws of Florida require a recount if less than 0.5% of the votes share the candidates.
Similarly, the results of the election of the governor, where there is a slight gap in favor of Republican candidate Ron Desantis, can be recounted.
It is expected that the results of the recalculation will be known on November 15.
US President Donald Trump has already responded to the recount, saying that Democrats are trying to "steal" the elections.
“Trying to steal two big elective races in Florida! We are watching closely!” - Trump wrote on Twitter from France, where he is visiting.
In 2000, a vote recount in Florida resulted in Republican President George W. Bush being elected President of the United States, who won Democrat Al Gore with a margin of several hundred votes.