The European Commission introduced additional duties on the import of American goods

The European Commission introduces additional duties on imports from the United States to the EU countries. This will be Brussels's response to trade restrictions on the part of Washington and will touch on goods worth 2.8 billion euros, the organization said.
duties on the import of American goods

Duties on the import of American goods

It is specified that restrictive measures will apply to steel and aluminum products, as well as to agricultural products.
At the same time, Brussels is ready to cancel duties in case of similar actions by Washington.

The message also emphasizes that the measures comply with WTO rules.

Fees for steel and aluminum

In late March, the US introduced import duties on the supply of steel at a rate of 25 percent and aluminum - ten percent.

Washington justified these measures with considerations of national security.
Many trading partners took it negatively. Russia called the decision illegitimate and promised to work out all possible response mechanisms.
Beijing has already responded to Washington's actions by imposing duties on certain American goods. Many experts predict serious trade wars.

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